Training for Trainers – TTT2

Project title: Training for Trainers – TTT2

Type of project: Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships – Key Action 2 (KA2) – Exchange of Good Practices


  • Kosmo Strategio ltd., Scotland, United Kingdom
  • Białostockie Towarzystwo Esperantystów / Białystok Esperanto Society, Poland
  • Bunta Esperanto-Asocio, Italy
  • Centre Culturel Espéranto / Esperanto Cultural Centre, France
  • Esperantoforeningen for Danmark / Danish Esperanto Association, Denmark

Main topics: non-formal education, training, training for trainers, adult education, exchange of better practice and experience 

Project duration: 2019-2022

Meeting and Activities (update: September 2021): 

  • February 2020: short non-formal meeting (Bunta Esperanto-Asocio, Bolonjo, Italio)
  • September 2020: one-day online meeting (Kosmo Strategio ltd.)
  • December 2020: online presentation during the recurring event “Zamenhofaj Tagoj” (Białostockie Towarzystwo Esperantystów)
  • February-April 2021: bureaucratic procedure on project extension 
  • March 2021: online preparation meeting on the planned intensive training seminar to be held in Toulouse, France 
  • June 2021: long and intensive training seminar for trainers (CCE Toulouse, France)
  • September 2021: transnational project meeting (Esperantoforeningen for Danmark, Copenhagen, Denmark) 
  • December 2021: Transnational project meeting (Białostockie Towarzystwo Esperantystów, Poland)
  • Transnational project meeting (Bunta Esperanto-Asocio, Biella, Italy), date TBD
  • Transnational project meeting in the United Kingdom (Kosmo Strategio ltd), date TBD


  • Articles about the project:
  • Training materials from the session held in Toulouse (to be updated)